01. Introduction to Agile Project Management

This training is designed for the people who are either new in project management or willing to improve their skills. In this training, we are showing you from the first-hand experience what are some real obstacles on projects that you can expect and proposing a solution to overcome them. Furthermore, we are showing you how you can make your everyday project management routine more interesting by playing Agile games with the team. You will learn how to engage participants and to emerge them into the future perspective environment.

02. Agile Project Management for Practitioners – SCRUM

We are starting this training by explaining the transition from waterfall to agile and by giving the overview of the agile frameworks. Then, we dive deeper into the SCRUM as the most commonly used framework. We are explaining SCRUM basics and elaborating about scrum artifacts, roles and responsibilities, and ceremonies. At the end of this intermediate course, we will show you one interesting game which will give you insights about SCRUM team organization and functioning through the iterations.

03. Mastering Agile Project Management – Advanced SCRUM

Training is designed for the people who are practicing SCRUM or are introducing the Scrum in the organization. In this training, we will show you from the first-hand experience what are the main challenges of practicing SCRUM, and how you should overcome them. Among many practical issues you will learn how to recognize the need for Agile approach in an organization, change management process, how to star with the first project in Agile introduction to the organization, what is and how to create product roadmap, how applying design thinking can help you create better products, about value-driven delivery and practical scaling of Agile with all its challenges.