Introduction to Agile Project Management

This training is intended for people who are either new to project management or are willing to improve their skills. Training provides insight into what are some of the real obstacles to projects that you can expect and suggest a solution to overcome them. We also show you how you can make your daily project management routine more interesting by playing Agile games with the team.

Agile Project Management for Practitioners- SCRUM

Training begins by explaining the transition from “waterfall” to an agile approach and giving a review of agile frames. Then we devote more detail to SCRUM as the most commonly used frame. We explain the basics of SCRUM and elaborate on roles, responsibilities, and ceremonies. At the end of this training, we will show you an interesting game that will give you insight into the organization of the SCRUM team and the functioning of iterations.

Mastering Agile Project Management – Advanced SCRUM

This training demonstrates what the main challenges of practising SCRUM are and how to overcome them. Among many practical issues, we raise the level of knowledge on how to recognize the need for an agile approach in the organization and in the process of managing change. How to join the first project in the Agile Organization, how to create a product map, and what can help you create better products or services based on value and practical scalping of Agile with all its challenges.