Strategic automation

The implementation of robotic automation in an organization is the most difficult at the very beginning. Organizations often do not have enough knowledge or skills regarding business processes, about their management, modeling or optimization, and they have a desire to direct their business activities towards automation.
At our workshops, we first give organizations a theoretical introduction to what RPA is, what all its benefits are, and how it can be implemented in an organization. We define development steps and problems, and therefore solutions, that the application of automation entails. We are here to answer all questions and resolve any potential concerns.

After the theoretical introduction of the educational type, we move on to workshops where we give concrete guidelines for the beginning of the development path towards automation by:

  • Going through process evaluation and ways to select processes suitable for application together with the organization.
  • Educating employees in the organization about the responsibilities for introducing RPA.
  • Defining process lists as well as process responsibilities together with all participants.
  • Explaining how to define the performance indicators with which the achieved results are compared.