What is


RPA aims to replace repetitive tasks performed by humans, with a virtual workforce. RPA configures software that will automate the activities or tasks previously performed by humans. Robotic automation uses a computer (a.k.a. robot) to run application software in the exact same way that a person works with that software.

01. RPA Analysis

  • Assess RPA potential in your organization
  • Support in creating an RPA Business Case
  • Create an RPA Project Charter
  • Determine the operating model fit for your organization
  • Initiate and develop a Proof of Concept

02. RPA Proof of Concept

  • Process modelling and selection for RPA
  • Design, deployment and delivery of pilot robot
  • Risk, issue and quality management
  • Training for all core Robotic Team Roles
  • Enable a robotic Center of Excellence in your organization

03. RPA Complete Solution

  • Design, deployment and delivery of robots
  • Assist in immediate closure of defects
  • Provide continuous support post go live
  • Roll-out of the Robotics Factory for all relevant business processes
  • Institutionalize RPA