Consulting and/or Mentoring in a remote work environment focuses on raising the competencies of participants on how to organize their own business in a remote environment in an optimal way. The activities we engage in are capturing the current state and analyzing the difference between on-site and remote business operations, as well as analyzing the requirements of users, suppliers, and other stakeholders and how these requirements can be met in a remote environment. We map processes and propose new (To-Be) processes that should meet the challenges facing your organization.

Some of the challenges we cover include:

  • How can I best organize my employees in a remote (online) environment?
  • How do I track employee performance?
  • How to set up processes in a remote environment while delivering results close to those in an on-site environment
  • How do I motivate employees to work from home?
  • How are remote meetings conducted?
  • How do I get external associates (customers, suppliers, partners) involved in remote meetings?
  • Which software is best for internal communication, performance monitoring, and documentation sharing?
  • How do I measure the risks and establish a control plan?
  • Organizing remote business to deliver optimal results
  • Adapting the team to work in a remote environment
  • Fully define the process of working in a remote environment
  • Development of BCM plans for returning to normal
  • Capture the current state and producing a GAP analysis that shows the differences between remote work and classic company work
  • Checking technical capabilities (internet, server, network infrastructure)
  • Defining a list of key processes and priorities
  • Mapping key processes for remote work
  • Designing and approving remote processes and establishing new operating procedures
  • Integration of remote work into company operations through the integration of processes and procedures that follow
  • Establishing an optimal software solution for the internal communication process
  • Development of employee performance monitoring and integration into optimal software (Remote KanBan board, Automatically tracking daily work, Reports)
  • Work visibility
  • Linking processes that must be done on-site to remote processes
  • Remote support for installing and configuring all defined processes for end-users

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