Through processes, we can present everything we do. The process approach is standard and the basis of all management systems. By focusing on the processes we generate the basis for the improvement of organization and we are practically implementing them through the optimization and automation.



Process mapping

Process mapping is the first step in our methodology. Represents the development of process flow diagrams according to BPMN 2.0 standard, with a detailed view of the AS-IS state and operating instructions.

Process modeling

We perform business process modeling in Bizagi software, which represents one of the most recognized business process modeling software. Using BPMN 2.0 standards as well as business process modeling guidelines, we are able to model even the most complex business processes that, through detailed process maps, incorporate the entire process logic.

Process standardization

Process standardization represents one of the directions we can move in after process modeling. Standardization of the process leads to an increase in compliance, reduces the possibility of ambiguities, promotes productivity, which directly affects and simplifies the quality control process

Process optimization

A prerequisite for successful process optimization and automation is process mapping. It represents the analysis of business processes and the creation of process maps that can be at different levels of decomposition, i.e. different level of detail. It helps us to understand how the process is executed, but also to define all the participants involved in its execution.  

Process simulation

Business process simulation is a tool used after the process design or redesign to analyze the effectiveness of the process before implementation. Using licensed software tools (Bizagi, IBM), we simulate modeled processes by entering all valid process parameters. Any uncertainty in the results of any type of changes in the process flow is eliminated through process simulation, which gives us the result of each change in the process. 

Process automatization

 Automation represents a path on which completely unstructured and non-standardized business processes are shaped in such a way that they become fully automated software-supported business processes.

Process Mining

Process mining represents a set of techniques that are used for analyzing and tracking processes that helps businesses make faster, more informed decisions for process improvement through data-driven insights. When people (or even robots) work with different IT systems, system captures their activities and creates complete view on how the things are getting done. It vizualizes the end-to-end process and reveals eventual improvements.

Workflow Process Management

Workflow represents a sequence of particular, repeatable activities or tasks that can produce a specific business outcome (product or service). A workflow include combination of several different people, machines or systems. Workflow management ensures that people, machines and systems included in a specific process are coordinated in an effective way in order to prevent redundancies and bottlenecks.

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