What is process modeling?

Modeling of business processes helps to clearly and unambiguously define business processes graphically and to enable the analysis, optimization, standardization and automation of business processes. Based on the created model of the current state (AS – IS), the future state (TO – BE state) is designed. The process model enables the visualization of business processes so that organizations can better understand their internal business procedures, manage them and make them more efficient. Process modeling is a vital component of process automation, as it is necessary to first create a process model in order to define tasks and optimize workflow before proceeding to process automation.

How do we model processes?

Business process modeling is done in Bizagi software, which is among recognized softwares  for business process modeling. By using BPMN 2.0 standards as well as guidelines for modeling business processes, we can analyze, model and automate even the most complex business processes, which include the entire process logic through detailed process maps. In addition to Bizagi software, depending on the needs and preferences of clients, we model processes in other software such as IBM Blueworks, ARIS,, etc. We document all relevant information that is an input for improvements, and this documented information requires approval by stakeholders.

Importance of process modeling:

  •  Helps in the implementation of radical changes – shows opportunities for creating bigger changes in business processes 
  • Represents the starting point for continuous improvements within the organization by discovering bottlenecks and wide areas 
  • It lays the foundation for process optimization by discovering opportunities for analysis and finding the best possible business practice based on the mapped process (current state of the system).
  • Implementation of a validated methodology;
  • Alignment with maturity model;
  • Precisely modeled and defined processes;
  • Defined responsibilities and authorities;
  • Process documentation
  • Process measures (SLAs, KPIs, etc.)

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