Modern business dictates a fast pace of work and life, and the need for education and training has never been greater. We have a solution – you can attend our trainings from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you and at a pace that suits your needs.

We have witnessed that e-learning has become increasingly popular recently. Online learning programs can be found all over the world. This is not unusual, given that technology is developing at a rapid pace. Thanks to this development, today you are able to learn virtually from experts from all over the world. It is only important that you have a good internet connection and a computer (laptop) or mobile phone.


  1. You can follow training from wherever you want and at a time that suits you
  2. You no longer have to worry about whether you will arrive on time for a certain training
  3. A feeling of ease and comfort, which results in greater productivity


  • Using our own-designed e-learning platform, we follow the demands of our clients and listen to the needs of the market
  • We provide users with support and offer the ability to contact lecturers
  • We provide training specially designed for the needs of companies
  • We offer training in the field of management systems, with a tendency to expand topics to related areas of business
  • Create your account on the platform, through which you manage the attendance of the trainings you choose
  • Lectures are designed through several sets of video materials
  • You must listen to the video material in order to be able to take the short tests
  • Short tests are taken successively, after passing each unit of video material, in order to consolidate the learned material
  • You are able to take a specific short test until you pass it
  • After listening to all the materials and passing the short tests, you will have a final test that lasts 30 minutes
  • The right to take the final test is limited to two attempts
  • The limit defined for passing the test is over 60 percent (%)
  • After passing the test, you get a certificate about the completed course


You can access platform here: