Digital Transformation of the organization is a mix of our services regarding strategy, business process consulting, automation services and software development.
We have developed a clear roadmap with detailed methodology to drive organization to digital transformation.


CONSULTING – Project realization by Simplify Team in cooperation with company’s employees.

MENTORSHIP – Mentoring company’s employees until the desired level of competence is reached.

OUTSOURCING – Outsourcing Simplify Team that will perform activities and be responsible for the whole process.

NEARSHORING – Member of the Simplify team with adequate competences nearshored to your company.

Software development

Based on our business analysis, we are able to provide custom-made software solutions that need to address identified issues.


Automation represents the last segment of the process maturity in which activities are performed independently. Automation opens up the possibility of get to zero defects and processes that will not have variation and will be maximally efficient and effective.

Functional specification

We have experience with many companies, and in large number of industries. Using our methodology, we can create a functional specification based on all relevant informations about the project. Our team of experts and our partners will lead you through the process of transforming your company.

Preparing organisation for digital transformation

With our own-developed methodology, together with our partners we can guide you how to take a step back and take a holistic view at whole organisation, investigate business’s needs, identify how you want your customers to perceive your company and then, leverage new technology and adopt more automated systems.

Project management for digital transformation

Project manager a person who should push digital transformation forward: they should adopt new project management solutions, implement vision that is outlined by top management and to communicate the principles of Agile to both their team and colleagues from other parts of the organization.  

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