Through processes, we can present everything we do. By focusing on the processes we generate the basis for the improvement of organization and we are practically implementing them through the optimization and automation. Optimized processes without proper people are not enough, so our approach also includes the positioning of the right people in relation to the processes they are handling.


We believe that processes are the basis for each type of management and improvement in organizations so we focus on them.


We are mapping, standardizing, improving and automating processes. By doing that we are creating the basis for optimization and improvements. Following the client's path from a chaotic system to automated processes.


By applying an appropriate methodology for mapping and optimizing the process, depending on the industry in which the organization operates. Involving employees, training, and support on the way to optimized and automated processes.



Process mapping

Process mapping is the first step in our methodology. Represents the development of process flow diagrams according to BPMN 2.0 standard, with a detailed view of the AS-IS state and operating instructions.

Process modeling

We perform business process modeling in Bizagi software, which represents one of the most recognized business process modeling software. Using BPMN 2.0 standards as well as business process modeling guidelines, we are able to model even the most complex business processes that, through detailed process maps, incorporate the entire process logic. In addition to Bizagi software, depending on the needs and preferences of clients, we are capable of modeling processes in other software such as IBM Blueworks, ARIS,, etc.

Process standardization

One of the basic directions we take after modeling the process is their standardization. In most companies that do not have defined business processes, identical processes take place in completely different ways, with a completely different process flow. On the road to a standardized solution, we map each individual variation and align it with best business practice.

Process optimization

Process optimization is a broad concept that we approach gradually and thoroughly. A prerequisite for process optimization is a thoroughly modeled business process that does not meet set expectations. On the way to optimizing it, we use a set of LEAN tools to find the cause of the problem, establish a new process, and define key performance indicators to monitor and control it

Process simulation

Using licensed software tools, we simulate modeled processes by entering all valid process parameters. Uncertainty in the results of employee reorganization, changes in working hours, additional workforce engagement or changes in the process flow are eliminated through a process simulation that gives us the result of every change in the process

Process automatization

Depending on the maturity level of the business process, we lead the organization from completely unstructured and non-standardized business processes to fully automated software-enabled business processes. By using different software tools, we are able to create a completely unique software program for processing as well as various forms for entering data into existing ERP systems. On the way to full process automation, we analyze the potential for robotic process automation and solution implementation, which is the last point in automation of manual and repetitive processes.