Although not the most important challenge in the 21st century, climate changes today represent the most important multiplier of all other challenges. They complicate functioning and business in the modern world.
The carbon footprint includes calculation of impact of different types of gases that cause the greenhouse effect and thereby contribute to global warming. This term represents the best possible estimate we can get for the total impact of the activities of companies and individuals on environment and contribution to climate change. This mechanism represents a measure of our impact on the environment and climate change during the whole life cycle of products and services, from raw materials required for production or realization of a service, distribution, recycling and disposal.

Why we do this?

As experienced environmental and climate change practitioners, we can help you to calculate impact of your products and business activities on the environment and help you to build better socially responsible business of your company with sustainable development mechanisms.

Why to perform a carbon footprint assessment?

- Reduce GHG emissions of business activities and products
- Identify possible savings in the use of energy and resources
- Develop new products and services
- Demonstrate a high level of corporate responsibility and environmental protection awareness
- Contribute to global efforts to combat climate change
- Include emissions data in the decision-making process
- Fulfill legal obligations and customer requirements about carbon footprint
- Easier to get investments with sustainability component
- Easier to get banking services for financing green projects

Where it is NECESSARY to perform the assessment?

- Cities and local government units
- Chemical industry and oil refineries
- Manufacturing industry
- Mining and production of base metals
- Production of cement and lime
- Plants for the heat and electricity production
- District heating networks
- Pulp and paper industry
- Traffic
- Road and railway infrastructure
- Electric transmission lines
- Renewable energy
- Production, processing, storage and transportation of fuel
- Waste incineration plants
- Glass production
- Municipal solid waste landfills
- Large wastewater treatment plants
- Facilities for liquefaction and regasification of natural gas
- Gas transmission infrastructure
- Agriculture and forest industry

Where it is DESIRABLE to perform the assessment?

- Telecommunication services
- Drinking water supply networks
- Rainwater and waste water collection networks
- Small-scale industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
- Construction of real estate
- Plants for mechanical/biological waste treatment
- Research and development activities
- Pharmacy and biotechnology

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