What is the best strategy for the sustainability of the organization? What do you need to measure in order to know that we are on the right track? How to connect everything into one system? These are some of the questions that this training gives answers. It is conceived that through practical work participants get the necessary knowledge to form a strategy of the sustainable organization and knowledge for operational excellence.

An organization’s sustainability strategy involves strategic management of the organization so that it is able to achieve its vision, and in this way it leaves the possibility for future generations to realize their vision, taking into account all stakeholders.

After the training, the participants will learn how to:

  • They define the stragegy;
  • Define KPIs and ways to track them;
  • Operatively implement the defined strategy;
  • Increase the organization’s sustainability.
  • What is a strategy;
  • How to translate the strategy into operational goals;
  • What are the indicators, how to define and how to measure them;
  • Sustainability model;
  • How to integrate everything into one system;
  • Monitoring of parameters based on the sustainability method;
  • How to get to achieve better results.

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